Install the Handwritten Font (for the envelopes)

You can either write the addresses on your envelopes by hand or have them printed on the envelopes. Becky Handwritten Font: We use this to make handwritten envelopes. It’s basically a font you install on your computer that makes anything you type look like real handwriting. When people see an envelope that’s “handwritten”, they are […]

What if I don’t have a buyer?

If you do not have a buyer for the area, we would recommend generating buyers for your area, click here to see “How Do I Find A Buyer For An Area?” article.

How do I find a buyer for an area?

You can find a buyer using any traditional method, here are a few of our suggestions as well:  Run Facebook Ads marketing for homes in a specific area to generate Buyer leads You can use your Referrals or buyers you get from listings Or ask other agents if they have buyers interested in the area you […]

Why Shouldn’t I Just Bring My Buyer With Me To See The Home?

The goal is to use your buyer as leverage to get the listing. If you bring the buyer to the listing first, they will voice their opinions about the home and if they don’t like it the seller will not likely list with you. You want to first preview the house yourself to see if […]

What Should I Do If My Buyer Has Already Bought Another House?

Sometimes by the time a seller responds to your letter the buyer has already moved on. You can tell the seller that the buyer has already moved on, but you would like to preview their home anyways because you have a few other buyers that may be a good fit for their home. Here is how […]

Do Preview Appointments Actually Turn Into Listings?

All appointments can turn into listings. The more people that you meet with and talk to you the more opportunities you’ll have to list their homes. These appointments may not be as good as a referral lead calling you directly and saying “My friend Betty said you did a great job selling her home, I want […]

What About My Obligation To My Buyer Under Buyer Agency?

Some of you who work with buyers may wonder why I am not trying to show the buyer the house and working to get help them buy it for the lowest price possible. There are two reasons for that. Most of the buyers we are mailing for are people we have talked to on the […]

Will I receive all the leads at one time?

Yes, they will be sent to you in one Excel file at one time.  Each member is only offered 1 set of free leads. Each lead request after the 1st free set will be 0.25 each with a 100 lead minimum request. Which means $25.00 for 100 leads.  If you would like to request your […]

What if there’s no leads in my area?

If there are no leads or not enough leads in your area to meet your request our data team will contact you with offers to supplement the leads. This may range from X amount of another set of leads or any number of other offers.

Test your Links/Phone Numbers and codes

One of the most common errors in marketing is NOT testing links, phone numbers and codes. Please be sure to test each of these before starting your marketing campaigns. We are not responsible for any marketing that is completed with broken or non-working links, phone numbers or codes.