My Books

Tri Fold Business cards

1) For the best quality, we use same picture as the books 4X6. If a book order has already processed we do not need the photo again. 2) Waist up photo are best, but a good chest up can/will work if it is high res. 3) After you fill out the form,  just wait for their […]

The Phone number on my books

The number on the books is a mobile marketing number. Once called this number gives the caller the option to be forwarded to your office or cellphone. This mobile marketing number has to be used for the system to work properly and is part of the licensing agreement.

How many books can I order?

You can order as many books as you like, with a minimum order of 10 books. To order more books, head to

Can I edit the books?

Large edits to the books are not offered, however if there is a small change (10 minutes or less) you would like made, we might be able to accommodate that request.

How do I get my case studies?

A lot of agents want to know how they can get the case studies for these letters. If you have been an agent for several years and know of past customers that are happy to recommend you, call them and interview them! You may already know a lot of the answers to the questions, but it’s […]