The Different Ways To Use Facebook

Personal Profile A Personal Profile is for non-commercial use and represents an individual, not a company. To access your personal profile, you have to log into Facebook with your personal login information. With a personal profile you can also add friends to connect with. Pages Although pages look similar to personal profiles, they can ONLY be […]

How Do I Add Or Change My Profile Picture Or Cover Photo?

The image below shows you both Icons for changing or Adding a Profile Picture and Cover Photo for your page. A. To Change Profile Picture: click on the camera icon on the profile picture of your page then select the appropriate option from the drop down menu, in most cases it will be either “Take a […]

How Can I Setup My Facebook Vanity URL Or Facebook Web Address?

You’ll need to be an admin to change your page’s username. Keep in mind that if you or another admin has already changed your page’s username, you won’t be able to change it again. To change your page’s username: Go to Below Create your Facebook web address, select a Page from the dropdown menu […]

How Can I Schedule/Backdate Posts On My Facebook Page?

1. To Schedule/Backdate posts using your Page, you will simply enter the information you want in the post, make sure to include any links or call to actions you would like then click the arrow next to “Post” on the bottom right of the status box and select “Schedule” or “Backdate.” 2. To Schedule posts using […]

Ad Placements On Facebook

1. Mobile and Desktop: this controls where your ad is placed depending on the Facebook users data, You can opt to show it on mobile devices only or desktop only or Both depending on your marketing needs.   2. Newsfeed: this type of ad displays in the Newsfeed similar to your friends posts, but usually […]

3 Ways To Advertise On Facebook

Facebook has 3 methods for creating ads. The simplest way to create an ad is by using Boosted Post(recommended for those who are not technically savvy or are still learning Facebook advertising). With this method, usually, the post is already published to your Business Page. Ads manager falls in the middle, it’s more complex than Boost […]

Why can’t I boost my post?

If you create your ad and find that you do not have “Boost Post” in the lower right hand corner, it’s usually because the ad was not posted to a Facebook page.  Facebook offers two types of Pages: Personal Profile and Business Pages. In order to advertise, you must use a Business Page.  Not sure […]

How often does Facebook Charge?

Facebook bills based on your location and the billing threshold on your account. This means if you meet your account billing threshold multiple times a month, then you will be bill each time it reaches the threshold.  For more information, take a look at Facebook’s Help Center Explanation:

Facebook Shut my Ads Account Down

Facebook sometimes disables ad accounts, this is completely at their discretion and we have no control over it. You can submit an appeal to get your account restored by visiting this site: